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Minimize donor and process variability. Maximize reproducibility.

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MesenPAC™-MSC Tissue Test Kit

MesenPAC™-MSC Tissue Test Kit

High Productivity | HLA Typed | Donor Matched

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  • MSCs derived from placenta and umbilical cord, from a single donor, to screen effects of tissue origin in your workflow
  • Includes 1 vial of MesenPAC-MSC-PL, 1 vial of MesenPAC-MSC-UC (1 million cells each) and 1 GroPAC™-MSC-CGM media kit


Contents: 1 vial of 1M umbilical cord-derived MSCs + 1 vial of 1M placena-derived MSCs + 1 complete growth media kit

MesenPAC™-MSC-PL: Listed here

MesenPAC™-MSC-UC: Listed here

GroPAC™-MSC-CGM: Listed here


Please reference MesenPAC™-MSC-UC, MesenPAC™-MSC-PL, and GroPAC™-MSC-CGM for more attributes.

Rapidly screen MSCs derived from same-donor placenta and umbilical cord

Eliminate the confounding factor of donor variability

Receive 1 vial of cells and 1 media kit to rapidly screen product in your workflow

Screen product lots prior to bulk purchase

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