Product Portfolio

OrganaBio’s Portfolio of Ethically Sourced Perinatal and Adult/Peripheral Blood Derived Tissue and Mononuclear Cells is Backed by Quality Attributes Necessary for Therapeutic Development.

Perinatal and Adult Tissues: PAC’ed with Potential ™

OrganaBio is a CDMO that offers both RUO and clinical (cGMP) grade tissues and cells for cancer research, immunotherapy, and regenerative medicine therapeutic developers in a variety of formats. All tissues are ethically sourced from fully consented, healthy donors, recruited, screened, and processed under IRB-approved protocols and in accordance with US FDA 21 CFR 1271.

All perinatal tissues are collected in adherence to American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) delayed cord clamping guidelines. OrganaBio’s wholly owned tissue supply subsidiaries are FDA-registered blood and tissue establishments. Supported by QA and regulatory documentation, our cell products facilitate the rapid development of cell-based therapies.

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