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High Productivity | HLA Typed | Donor Matched

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  • Umbilical cord blood derived T cells 5 million and 10 million cryopreserved cells per vial, from a single donor
  • High viability, high purity pan-T population obtained through CD3 negative selection
  • High CD4:CD8 ratio, demonstrating immature phenotype Naïve T cell phenotype as shown by CCR7/ CD45RA analysis
To enquire about GMP-compliant formats, please contact sales@organabio.com


Species: Human

Format: Cryopreserved

Tissue Source: Umbilical Cord Blood

Donor Information: Sex/Race/Ethnicity Info Provided

Viability: Performed by validated automated cell counter

Purity: CD3 expression assessed through flow cytometry


Cryopreserved using best-in-class cryopreservation reagents, yielding high-quality cells upon thaw

Umbilical cord blood processed fresh, within hours of delivery

High resolution HLA genotypingtyping by NGS, available upon request

Part of a donor matched portfolio of cells

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